Trappers Rendezvous

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Scouts and parents, download and review the 2015 Trappers Herald.

If you are a troop looking for information regarding the January 17-19, 2014 event, please visit WHITE BUFFALO DISTRICT.

What is Trappers Rendezvous?

The tradition of the rendezvous was started by General William Ashley's men of the Rocky Mountain Fur company in 1825. Mountain man James Beckwourth described the festivities as a scene of "mirth, songs, dancing, shouting, trading, running, jumping, singing, racing, target shooting, yarns, and frolic with all sorts of extravagances that mountain men, trappers, and Native Americans could invent."

Following in the tradition of the mountain men and trappers of the early 1800's, BSA Troop 177 will gather Friday, January 16, thru Sunday, January 18, 2015, for The 38th Trappers' Rendezvous. More than 6,000 are expected for a load of the same kind of grousing and winter fun! So, make plans to meet at Harvey County Park West in Kansas for this, the annual event.




Events for 2015

  • Scout's Chili and Spam Cook-off
  • Snow Snakes
  • B-B Gun Range
  • Black powder rifle shooting
  • Hawk throw
  • Flint & Steel Fire Start
  • Trapper's Village
  • Buzzard's Gulch
  • Ark River Trading Co.
  • Red Dog Saloon
  • Trading, trading, trading
  • John Colter's Run
  • "Have you seen the Trappers & Mountain Men?"
  • Patch-trading extravaganza
  • Coleman Store
  • SPL/SM - Crew President/Advisor
  • Venturing Meeting
  • Archery


Trading at Trappers

Trading was always a part of any "rendezvous" and youth trading is a big part of Trappers’. The boys can start small and go home with some really nice stuff. As a reminder of our trading policy, please:

  • Monitor what your boys are trading.
  •  This is “Trading”, no money is to be used!
  • Fireworks, live ammunition and fixed-blade knives are not allowed by BSA. (No Swords, BB, Air soft,or anything resembling a firearm.)
  • Note that State Fish & Game regulation prohibit possession of "migratory bird" feathers and parts.
  • NO commercial / for-profit selling is allowed.
Recommended items to Trade!

Trading is the most popular event at Trappers and that is how it was in the 1800’s but back then they did not have throwing stars, car radios, and Pokémon cards to name a few items. Items like these make it looks more like a garage sale not a rendezvous event.

Please have your youth try to bring simple handmade items that they can make at a troop meeting like duct tape wallets, leather pouches, wood carvings or beaded chokers/bracelets. Choose simple items you can make; just use the internet to find ideas.

Please be 100% sure that your leadership and your youth know and understand what they can bring to trade and what they can trade for.

Items such as patches and other cool Scouting items are also great and very popular.

Trappers Trading WEB 01

Additional Cold Weather Tips

Be prepared to avoid wind.  The wind-chill factor will make you cold in even relatively mild weather.  For example. you will feel like it is 10 to 20 degrees below zero when the actual temperature is 20 degrees above zero, if there is a 20-mile per hour wind.


  • In your campsite, you can create a relatively wind-free area by pitching tarps in such a way as to form walls against the wind.  This will give your group a place to gather around the fire when they get cold.
  • Individuals out in the open can protect themselves from wind by wearing closely-woven wind breakers and by wearing clothing in several layers.
  • Wear a hat when you are outdoors in the cold, and especially in windy conditions.  Your head radiates heat more than any other part of your body.  If you can retain that heat, the rest of your body will be warmer.
  • In tents without floors, pack snow around the bottom of the tent to block wind.

Stay dry and keep your sleeping bags and blankets dry.


  • Wear water-repellent boots and have rain gear handy.
  • Carry your bedroll in a waterproof container - a trash bag will work fine.
  • If you accidentally fall in the snow, brush it off before it melts and makes your clothing wet.
  • If you fall in the water, head for a shelter with a fire immediately to dry off and change into dry clothing.  (Be prepared by bringing extra clothing!)  Go or send word to camp headquarters.
  • Use tents with a waterproof floor or use waterproof ground clothes - plastic is good.  Avoid dragging snow and moisture onto the tent on your feet or clothing.
  • Do not sleep in the clothing you have worn all day or in clothing that you will wear the next day.  Perspiration from your body makes them damp and reduces their insulation value.

"You traders should bring yer trade goods . . . fur, antlers, beads, handmade items, and patches, jest to name a few.  All make a great tradable!"