USS Lexington

2014 USS Lexington Campout

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  • Scouts: MEET AT Church of the Servant at 7:30 AM on Friday, March 14, 2014.  Plan ahead for a day from school or a vacation day from work.
  • Depart at 8:00 AM
  • Cost: $230 per scout, $250 per adult or anyone who has not paid their quarterly dues.  Includes all meals, tickets for all museums, and gas for vehicles
  • Itinerary: download the ITINERARY
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Advice From the Scoutmaster

As everyone gets ready for our trip, I would like to provide you with some last minute advice. We will have many hours of car travel and we want to make those as comfortable as possible so we need to minimize the amount of gear every participant brings. You should be able to pack your clothing & personal items for the weekend inside a bag no bigger than your school backpack. Please use your school backpack or a small duffle bag for this trip instead of your standard external frame hiking backpack. We will not be hiking with the gear and the bigger your backpack the more uncomfortable it will be to try to get in and out of places, particularly in the lower decks of the USS Lexington.

Everyone should bring:

  • Sleeping mat (optional) and sleeping bag or comfortable blanket. We will be sleeping on a wood floor in San Antonio; on bunk beds at the Lex and on a carpet floor in Austin.
  • A small towel… There are showers at the Lex and in Austin and for the sake of those traveling with you in the car, everyone will be “forced” to use them.
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Small flash light (will help, particularly at the Lex)
  • Small water bottle may be useful
  • 4 t-shirts (one for every day) and 4 sets of underwear
  • pairs of socks
  • Your scout shoes (the ones you use for troop meetings, no hiking boots needed)
  • Your Class-A uniform and troop hat we will be wearing all 4 days.
  • One item for entertainment during the car trip (book/game-console/iphone/etc) NOTICE: You will not need a bag full of video games, please bring just ONE personal item. You can temporarily swap items with other scouts or actually look out the window as the plains of TX and OK go by ;-)
  • You may want to bring a small amount of cash for snacks and souvenirs. There will be a souvenir shop at pretty much every museum we will visit and that includes:
    * The Texas Ranger Museum
    * The Alamo
    * The USS Lexington
    * The Texas Aquarium
    * The National Scouting Museum
    Remember, a Scout is Thrifty, manage your money wisely. You do not need every trinket they sell at every store. Your meals will be provided for you, you may consider a snack but you should try to stay away from candy for a couple of days.
  • Everything you are carrying except perhaps your mat (if you need one) and your sleeping bag/blanket should fit in your backpack. You should be prepared to take all your gear on board the USS Lexington without help from others in just one trip.
  • As usual this time of the year, dress in layers but you can leave home any heavy winter gear as the temperatures, as shown, will be very mild.

Overnight Camping on the USS Lexington

Over 200,000 Youth From Around the Country Have Camped Out on LEX!  An adventure awaits your group when they Live Aboard the USS LEXINGTON. Learn first hand about the illustrious past of LEXINGTON, including kamikaze attacks and being named the 'Blue Ghost" by Tokyo Rose herself. It's a real-life, hands-on overnight program that builds camaraderie, inspires love of country and is just plain fun!

The overnight stay includes tours of the ship, a movie in the MEGA Theater, two trips through the chow line, bunking in original crew quarters, an unforgettable flag ceremony and so much more!

What to Expect!

Wristbands will be issued upon arrival and must be worn at all times on board LEXINGTON.  Campers are expected to carry sleeping bags and other gear on board. The LIVE ABOARD program is conducted in a fun, spirited but military manner. Falling in, stowing your gear and following orders are all part of this unique and memorable experience.

Sleeping Areas

All campers are assigned specific berthing compartments and must respect the privacy of other campers. Restroom facilities (heads) include showers. Most berthing compartments are climate controlled; however, when all such areas have been filled, campers may be assigned areas having ventilation only. Groups will be required to share berthing areas to accommodate males and females separately. In addition, LEXINGTON can hold more than one group at a time and groups may participate in activities together. Please contact the Live Aboard Office if this presents a problem.

Equipment Needed

Each person must bring a pillow, sleeping bag, toiletries, towel and flashlight. Insect repellant is advisable. Absolutely no electrical devices may be brought on board. Cameras, video cameras and cell phones are allowed; however, safe plugs for chargers are available in the Live Aboard office only.


Lockers are available in berthing compartments. Each camper should bring a lock to secure his or her valuables and personal belongings.


Meals provided. Vending machines available.

Fire Drills

Each group will be required to participate in a fire drill, as well as provide additional personnel for the fire watch program. Complete cooperation from each group and leader is expected.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to other activities that take place on board LEXINGTON, it is possible that a banquet, dinner/dance, cocktails or other function may take place during your visit. Your group would be asked to stay clear of the event area.

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Points of Interest

USS Lexington
Corpus Christi, Texas

Texas State Aquarium
Corpus Christi, Texas

Points of Interest

National Scouting Museum
Irving, Texas

The Alamo
San Antonio, Texas